Zach Shallcross strips bare in Chaotic Bachelor Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming season of The Bachelor starts with Zach Shallcross in the shower – and somehow only gets more scandalous from there.

Zach, who was a candidate Rachel Reccia and Gaby Windy‘s season of The Bachelorette, is seen getting clean, pumping iron and for some reason getting bathed by a close friend in the November 22 teaser… and that’s before the women even arrive.

But once they do, they waste no time in falling for the 26-year-old tech exec from Anaheim Hills, California.

“Zach is the most sincere, emotionally intelligent, sweetest soul,” says one admirer. “We all want a guy like that.” Another is already talking about potential offspring, saying: “Zach takes being a husband and a father so seriously.”

The trailer shows Zach and the women doing things like jumping out of planes, diving, taking scenic helicopter rides and kissing in front of giant fireworks.

It’s the bachelor’s, after all.

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