Zac Clark remembers that his gallbladder was eliminated for ache treatment

Zac and his college sweetheart Jennifer Stanley-George, tied the knot in June 2009 and continued to fight against addiction. At one point in the interview, he recalled having his gallbladder removed so he could get pain medication.

A few years before the surgery, Zac had a brain tumor and started taking pain medication. Eventually he “became addicted”. One day after “going over the top” at a Philadelphia Eagles game, he felt ill and decided to go to a hospital to “talk a doctor” into giving him medication.

“I didn’t know what my plan was,” he said. “And then I think dehydration or something happened and I felt my side. I thought, ‘I think I can find out something here. I think I googled, you know what symptoms I had on Google. And I will never do it. ” Forget – I probably owe this guy an apology, as we apologize – but the doctor came in. He was from my hometown. So in that moment I knew I was good because he was going to believe me. I’ll smear. And sure enough, he gave me Dilaudid within half an hour and I finished the operation. “

Zac remembers that moment vividly. “I’ll never forget before – you know, they subdued you, they knocked you down for this operation – the doctor looked me in the eye and said, ‘You know what we’re doing today, right?’ I said, “Yes, you take out my gallbladder.” He said, “Before I submit you, I just want to make sure you want to go through this.” And I said, “Yes.” And I did. It was crazy. “

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