Yung Miami sings her coronary heart on Instagram

Yung Miami explains why she doesn't like fans calling her Caresha by her government name and why she gets upset.

You sing better! Besides being a city girl, Yung Miami entertains us on the gram in a lot of ways, she’s super talented to start with. She’s funny and always comes up with the jokes when they’re live, especially with Saucy Santana. The two are guaranteed to get you rolling.

There’s no denying that she can rap, and we all know she can come down, but one of the things everyone loves about Miami is when she breaks out in her singing and sings on the gram.

This weekend in Atlanta, Miami and her friend sat in the car giving people a little car concert. If there’s one thing we know about Miami, she’ll sing her heart out. She and her friend sang to Keyshia Cole’s 2005 hit “Love” from her debut album “The Way It Is”.

Both ladies sang effortlessly and never stopped on the song. They also play Beyoncé’s hit ‘Dangerously in Love’. Over 10,000 people came to our comments and made comments on Miami’s singing, including her Bestie and the other half of the City Girls, JT. JT left several laughing emojis about Miami’s performance.

Miami isn’t the only rapper caught singing “Dangerously in Love”. Last month, NLE Choppa shared a video about the gram that Bey was aggressively singing along to. The rapper recently stated on July 6th that he was about to embark on a different career path and leave the rap game. He tweeted that he was planning to buy out his Warner Records contract and pursue a career as a full-time herbalist on Twitter.

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