Yung Miami just isn’t for followers who name it by its authorities title – “Cease it, I do not like that!”

Roommates, fans of celebrities, become so familiar with them that they might think it’s cool to use their real names to refer to them. However, if you are a fan of Yung Miami please don’t. Yung Miami made it clear on social media that she’s definitely not there for her fans who call her Caresha by her government name.

In a simple tweet, Yung Miami wrote the following message:

“I’ve felt hurt every time I’ve been seen in public, they keep yelling ‘Caresha’.

Almost immediately, fans reacted to her, letting her know that the reason they called her Caresha was because of her best friend Saucy Santana, who had previously used her real name in a viral video in which he used the now-popular phrase says, “Caresha, please.”

In other news from Yung Miami, she and Megan Thee Stallion recently had the internet in an uproar when they openly flirted on Twitter.

Megan Thee Stallion decided to make a public confession about her that no one saw coming. She tweeted, “I was too shy to tell her personally, but @ YungMiami305 I want to date.”

After a while, Yung Miami replied to Megan, writing, “I was wanted by you too, so what’s wrong?”

We don’t know if the two are still planning on going on their date … or if they were just trolling.

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