Yung Miami asks Nicki Minaj to share her on Instagram

On Sunday, Yung Miami had a request for Nicki Minaj that gave the Innanet a lot to say.

After Beam Me Up, Scotty was released on streaming platforms, Nicki was asked a question by Yung Miami.

Yung Miami asked, “Can you unblock me on Instagram @NICKIMINAJ?” After that tweet, she quickly became the main topic on Twitter.

While Nicki never responded or addressed why Yung Miami was blocked in the first place, many speculate that this may be due to a 2018 interview about “The Breakfast Club”.

There Charlamagne asked Yung Miami if she would ever work with Nicki Minaj. Yung Miami replied that she wanted to stay away from the question, but that she was very “Team Cardi”.

She said, “I’d rather stay away from that question. I don’t want to go into that. But I am Team Cardi. City Girls is Team Cardi. “Yung Miami went on to say that Cardi was very supportive of her.

People on Twitter also found a tweet from last year that Yung Miami retweeted herself. She stated that she hated it when someone asked her to release it.

She wrote in 2020: “I hate it when I see someone and they unlock me. I didn’t do anything. It’s like I don’t get your hatred from me. “

In response to the backlash, Yung Miami tweeted, “I’m just insane, insane, or obsessed with what I think is damned. D ** k & my money. “

When responding to a fan, she said, “Girl who begs because I asked a question? Crazy a lot. “

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