Yung Miami and her followers are tweeting about consuming cornstarch

When it comes to food preparation, we know that Saweetie usually offers some of the most interesting foods that you would never think of. From hot cheetos, oysters, ramen noodles, extreme McDonald’s burgers to anything you’d expect from anyone, Saweetie likely tried it. If you remember, last month she went viral for eating spaghetti with ranch dressing. If you forgot, check out the video below.

Saweetie is a certified foodie! However, she’s not the only rapper who has an interesting variety of things to eat. Yung Miami became a topic of discussion today when she shared a tweet about how much she craved cornstarch. She tweeted, “I want some cornstarch.”

You wouldn’t believe that the rapper “Act Up” would want to eat the ingredient that is used to thicken sauces or soups and to make corn syrup and other sugars. Don’t forget that you can use it when frying your food, but surprisingly, some of her fans agreed to eat the ingredient.

A fan shared a picture of a container of cornstarch opened and said, “I’m just having something to eat.” Miami responded with the drooling emoji. Another fan even tweeted a picture of a cornstarch container that held a spoon and straw to eat with. Miami replied, “I eat mine with a spoon, too.” Some of Miami’s fans, including myself, wondered why Miami loves to eat cornstarch. One fan tweeted, “How does it taste? And do you eat it for taste or texture ??? “She replied quickly,” I like this is chalky. “

I’m not mad at Yung Miami for what she loves to eat, but I don’t know if I could try this. Roommate, what do you think about her eating cornstarch?

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