Yung Bleu Reveals Plan To Sue Absolute Trailers After Apologizing To Gainesville Police For Latest Accusations

Whew! On Wednesday, Yung Bleu took to Instagram to address his earlier accusations of racial profiling. He apologized to the Gainesville Police Department, which employs the officers who recently arrested him, in a lengthy Instagram post. Apology aside, he also doubled down on his accusations against Absolute Trailers, revealing that he plans to sue them for discrimination and profiling.

“I apologize for taking my anger out on the Gainesville Police Department instead of the business who lied and manipulated the situation,” Bleu wrote. “I was embarrassed and in disbelief of what happened so I directed my energy towards the wrong people.”

Bleu went on to explain that he’ll be directing his energy towards the store. As previously reported, Yung Bleu dropped by the Gainesville, Georgia store to purchase a trailer to use on tour. He revealed exclusively to The Shade Room that he wasn’t on the property for more than 10 minutes before the police showed up. Additionally, he didn’t see the owner nor get the opportunity to enter the store.

Police shared with him that the store owner called them for suspected fraud. They allegedly had an encounter with fraud the previous week. It’s unclear what exactly gave the impression of fraud to the store given that Bleu spent little time on the property.

“My energy will now be directed towards Absolute Trailers because their lies could have turned to a possible deadly situation for me,” Bleu wrote. “Officers were moving off what they were told by this establishment. That I was a “fraudulent thief” before even knowing my name or interacting with us.”

In his initial post about the situation, Bleu included two videos where he’s heard off-camera commenting on the store and another interacting with a female officer. He revealed in the caption that the police approached him and his team with “hands on guns… damn near drawn.”

Although he was allowed to leave since the cops had no probable cause, he was pulled over moments later by another police officer. A video provided exclusively to TSR shows the initial encounter between him and Officer Forrester. Bleu first claimed that she was working with the officers who showed up at Absolute Trailers and looking for a reason to pull him over.

Her reasoning, as said in the exclusive footage, was because his tag was allegedly obstructed. Bleu is heard accusing her of lying about seeing his tag, before finally agreeing to turn over his license at her multiple requests. In a separate video published by Bleu, he explains that the officer turned on her lights “before she even saw [his] tag.”

Eventually, and not seen on camera, Bleu was arrested and taken into custody for having a suspended license and cited for a party in April. He posted bond the same day, but declined to comment on why his license was suspended or the bond amount.

“I admit when I’m wrong,” Bleu wrote in his apology’s caption. “Even tho I did not agree with all the methods used to detainee me, my license was suspended and I was arrested legally. I was furious about what lead the police to me. This all stemmed from the vicious lies told by this establishment Absolute Trailers.”

He closed off the apology paragraph by reassuring fans that he won’t go away quietly following this incident.

“I’m not letting this slide and blow over,” Yung Bleu wrote in his apology. “That can open the door for more ignorance in the community that can be more dangerous to those after me. I will use my platform to make an example and create possible change in this community for the good.”

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