Yung Bleu calls on Tory Lanez to remix his music “You are Mines Nonetheless”

It’s been a minute since Tory Lanez reached the booth to come up with a remix for his fans, so he decided to put his vocals on one of the hottest tracks – Yung Bleu’s “You’re Mine Still”. Unfortunately, Young Bleu wasn’t particularly keen on Tory’s record and the two exchanged a few words on Instagram.

“How you remixed a * gga song but pretending I don’t exist and show no love when you do. Make it reasonable, ”said Bleu. He went on to explain that he had tried to work with Tory on a previous occasion and was being read in his DMs.

“Remix cool, but show love! Y’all n * ggas weird! @ToryLanez I reached out to you to do something. You never answered, that’s cool! But you want to remix my song and not even acknowledge that a young N * Gga Tryna shows up. U rap n * ggas be h * ea ** sh * t on something. I don’t bite my tongue anymore! If you liked my song enough to remix it to at least one young n * gga. Show love! N * ggas act scary ima come straight aint finna subtweet sh * t. ”

Shortly after his first post, Yung Bleu had the song removed and tweeted Tory to get credit for the song in exchange for it being re-recorded. Tory replied that everything was love and offered to speak to Bleu over the phone.

“@ _YungBleu … crazy thing is … I love your music and your song, I remixed that,” said Tory. You’re an amazing artist and I’ve been listening to you since “Unappreciated” … but if you feel any way we can just talk like men over a phone, not social media. Dear brother. “

Well, from Friday morning the two met and messed things up! Tory posted a video on his Instagram story with Bleu saying that they cook something together and just focus on being positive in the future.

Do you think Tory was wrong not to love Yung Bleu with his remix? Let us know in the comments, Roomies!

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