YK Osiris crashes into Boosie’s home in the course of the Crate Problem

YK Osiris on the red carpet.

If anything Boosie is going to do on Instagram, it’s to keep his followers entertained. With videos of people doing the “Crate Challenge” popping up on people’s timelines all week, Boosie wanted to improve it a bit. Today he shared a video of Gramm’s offer to host the challenge at his Atlanta home for winners to take home cash. With $ 1000 at stake, the people at Boosie’s home showed up ready to do the job.

After the boxes were set up, the rapper “Zoom” went back to Instagram and showed footage of the less fortunate participants attempting the challenge. First was his son Tootie Raww, who didn’t make it through the end. While he was trying to get down the second half of the box, he stumbled with his shirt off. The crowd laughed and watched as two more men and a woman tried their luck, but as you suspected, they too fell.

The challenge became interesting when the all in white R&B singer YK Osiris took off his shoes and started climbing the boxes. As he went upstairs, a man could be heard in the background saying, “What’s his song called?” Just as a viewer started singing the lyrics to his song “Worth It”, YK fell hard. YK has reposted the video on his Instagram wwith the caption “,@ hesbackagain2021 made me do these cops ** t. I was almost 4,000. Damned …. my back hurts as hell. “

Roommate, are you going to try the ‘Crate Challenge’?

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