YFN Lucci drops the video for the ‘Moist’ remix with Mulatto

Lucci mulatto

After rapper YFN Lucci had one of the summer’s biggest songs in July, he finally dropped his video in the remix “Wet” with Mulatto. The song can be seen on his mixtape “Wish Me Well 3”, which was released on December 4th. When it was released, the song stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 list for 14 weeks and continues to be a blast to this day.

The video shows the rappers getting wet in the pool. Lucci kept it true to his style by having many ladies around him. He gave a variety of looks with his shiny diamond chains and custom-made trainers with Christian Dior print. What was surprising was that he was jumping into the pool with Mulatto shirtless but wearing his jeans and Versace underwear. Mulatto came through with her typical blonde hair and gave us glances after glances.

Pink was clearly her favorite color for the video. In one scene, she wore a pink two-piece swimsuit with a custom name chain on the torso that matched her curves. You can’t forget about the elongated pink nails. Then she turned it on and added a pink floral robe to her swimsuit.

There was even a feature from comedian Desi Banks in the video. He is known for his viral videos with B. Simone and Pretty Vee. During the massage scene, he added comedic relief to the video. This video definitely had a mix of roommate reactions. Some left comments saying, “Wasn’t what I expected, could have been better”. Another comment was, “You should have kept this video, the song so old and now playing.”

Roommate, do you think five months late to put a music video out?

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