Would Prince William go away the royal system? Prince Harry says …

Prince Harry I am not sure if Prince William would follow in his footsteps by retiring from the royal family.

On Sunday March 7th, millions of people around the world watched the Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan Markle Sit down for an infrequent interview Oprah Winfrey. While many viewers are still talking about the bombs made in the two-hour special, more clips are surfacing that shed light on the current relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William.

In a new clip shared on CBS this morning, Oprah asked if family members had apologized to Prince Harry and Meghan. The answer may surprise you.

“The feeling is that this was our decision,” explained Prince Harry. “Hence the consequences for us. And although I have asked for help for three years and seen or visualized how this could end, it was really difficult. I am part of the system with them. I have always been. I am very me I am aware that my brother cannot leave this system, but I have it. “

When Oprah asked if Prince William actually wanted to leave the system, Prince Harry said he just didn’t know.

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