World AIDS Day: Elton John shares the “biggest pleasure” of his basis

Mr Elton John can feel the love – and impact – his work has had on many.

For more than 30 years, the Grammy winner has used his voice to make the Elton John AIDS Foundation a powerful force in improving access to HIV testing, prevention and treatment.

And ahead of celebrating World AIDS Day on December 1st, Elton argued that more needs to be done to ensure no one is left behind.

“We need to keep the energy, momentum and conversation around HIV so it doesn’t feel like something in the past,” Elton told E! News in the exclusive interview. “At the Elton John AIDS Foundation, we engage with local partners and governments on major campaigns to raise awareness and end AIDS by 2030.”

According to Elton, talking to family and friends about safe sex practices, what HIV is and how to live a healthy life with it needs to be “normalized.”

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