Witney Carson says she is “so proud” of her physique after giving beginning

Witney Carson gave fans a glimpse of how their recovery from childbirth is going.

Professional Dancing With the Stars shared a photo of her on Instagram holding her newborn son lion, her first child with husband Carson McAllister.

“Finally wearing real clothes, but still a diaper,” she wrote in the caption along with a crying, laughing emoji, “Healing from birth is no joke! So proud of this body and what it went through This angel boy in this world. We are absolutely in love with you, little Leo. “

One thing to note, it is common for people to wear adult diapers or pads in the weeks after giving birth. The people in the comments applauded Witney for her candor.

“I just had our 3rd daughter 4 weeks ago and it’s amazing what our bodies can do,” wrote one follower. “Leo is adorable. Congratulations !!!”

“Girl yes !!” another added. “Birth and pregnancy have some effect on our body !!! But it’s all worth it !!”

A third said, “It’s good for you to be real and honest. It’s appreciated. Hugs!”

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