Within the extremely candy love story of Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian

It was okay to postpone it as it was mainly responsible for the current situation. They had considered the idea of ​​having another baby. “And then suddenly I get a text from her with one [picture of a] Pregnancy test, “he said.” I just looked at her. Guess what. You’re pregnant. Baby inside you now “

Tiana’s arrival added to Johnson’s growing awe.

“I am in constant respect and grateful awe of all the things this incredible mother does on a daily basis,” he wrote in a tribute to Mother’s Day 2018, in which he detailed how Hashian juggles an active and sensitive toddler, newborn Places around the world, all year round based on my shooting and production schedule. As I continue to build an amazing career as a music and songwriter / producer. “

He was impressed with her talents as a “lyrical” storyteller and her ability to multitask, but what impressed him most: “Lauren does everything with a big, real smile and really is the kindest, cutest soul you have.” I’ll ever meet … Of all the people on earth that she could have as a partner – she chose me. A big, brown, bald, tattooed, very happy SOB. ”

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