Will probably be thrilling between Yung Miami and Lil Uzi on Instagram Stay

Lil Uzi and Yung Miami

Angry! Roommate, JT of the City Girls and Lil Uzi seem to have been on an epic honeymoon stage lately. Almost every day, both artists use social media to express their love for one another. Whether in the form of tweets or Instagram posts, we know one thing for sure: JT loves her a little bit Uzi and Uzi loves him a little bit JT. See some of their posts below:

With that said, it took some fans by surprise when JT and Yung Miami went live on Instagram and it ended with a very awkward moment between Uzi and Yung Miami. In exchange, Uzi Yung refers to Miami as “Caresha,” which happens to be her government name, and says, “I’ll never see you the way you never have to see me.” While JT tried several times to intervene during the exchange, it became very clear that Uzi was going to say what he wanted to say!

Yung Miami returned her own saying, “You and I don’t have to be friends, and that is understood. We don’t have to be friends and that’s exactly that. “

There is currently no explanation of what both artists were referring to, but it is clear that tension can exist between them. Ultimately, Uzi and Yung Miami decided to take things offline and have a face-to-face conversation without thousands of people watching IG Live. You know, we will definitely get to the bottom of this tea!

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