Will Joshua Jackson be on the Mighty Geese: Recreation Changers?

Obviously we’re excited about the new Mighty Ducks series from Disney + Lauren Graham.

We love the Mighty Ducks, we love Lauren Graham, and we love anything that combines those two things. We also love the fact that Emilio contemvez will return as Coach Bombay, and we understand that this show is set many years after D3, which came out in 1996. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t still sitting here wondering where the rest of the ducks are star player Charlie Conway (Joshua Jackson).

The cast and creative team for the new series gathered for a TV Critics Association virtual panel on Wednesday and tried to answer that question without actually answering it.

When asked if there is any discussion of bringing back other Mighty Ducks stars besides Estevez (without specifically mentioning Jackson), executive producer (and original Mighty Ducks screenwriter) Steven Brill said they not only talked about it, but determined Aspects “carried out” of this question. ”

He also said that while the show does its best to reinvent and tell its own story, it doesn’t ignore the past.

“We have always tried to literally, emotionally, and suggestively bring people back into the story throughout the series,” he said. “So it should be fun.”

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