Will.i.am says it hurts that the black-eyed peas aren’t thought of a black group.

No one will deny that the Black Eyed Peas had hits, but it apparently hits the group’s founder, Will.i.am, that the group is counted in rooms that mean the most to him.

Will.i.am spoke to his good friend #WyclefJean about “Run That Back” to talk about the Black Eyed Peas and how disappointed they are that they are not celebrated as a black group despite having had great success. according to Hot New Hip Hop.

“In 2004 we, Black Eyed Peas, were just trying to get ahead. When you think about it – I’m a black guy, but when you think about Black Eyed Peas we got so big that … and it hurts, it still hurts a bit, that we weren’t considered a black group because we have it so big, ”said Will.i.am.

He continued, “And when you think of Black Eyed Peas, don’t think about it – it’s not an urban or black culture anymore, which… it’s not good for the black community that Black Eyed Peas are not considered a black group because we had international success. “

Will.i.am said the group’s international success “should be ascribed more to the black community than is believed”. He went on to list various genres that were once dominated by blacks but are now poorly represented, such as jazz.

“It’s just one thing we suffer from all the time. When you think of jazz, you don’t think of black anymore. When you think of rock n ‘roll you don’t think of black anymore. All of that, I don’t know why we have this. When you think of an even country, you don’t think of black. Many of the things we create and invent we dispose of or they are stolen from us to the point where they are no longer related to their origins, ”he said.

Is he speaking facts or no? Let us know.

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