Wilde’s video exhibits cops taking pictures useless man after combat at Bronx bodega

Shocking surveillance footage of a deadly shooting involving police bronx on Thursday show plainclothes NYPD officers opening fire on an armed suspect who was fleeing a stabbing at a nearby bodega.

The incident happened around 11:30 a.m. at a supermarket on East Gun Hill Road and Hull Avenue, when a 29-year-old man walked in before immediately attacking a 21-year-old man, police said.

Shocking surveillance video shows violent scene at Bronx Bodega

Surveillance video footage of the inside of the store, first obtained by the New York Postshows the attacker lunging at the victim before brutally attacking him.

The brawl makes its way to the back of the bodega, prompting the attacker to pin down the victim, who knocked over a display case of snacks during the fight.

The attacker eventually stabs the victim multiple times before fleeing the store. The wounded man is then seen scrambling to his feet while chasing after his attacker.

Bronx, NY – Two young men fight in a bodega, one stabs the other and runs to his car, the stabbed man follows him and shoots him point blank, he runs away as cops fire on the gunman who dies shortly thereafter. Terrible turn of events 😞 #Bronx #Bodega #Shooting #crazyvideos pic.twitter.com/Ta7QMdxIOF

— CrazyVideos (@CrazyVidKid) November 4, 2022

Video captured by another CCTV camera overlooking the entrance to the bodega shows the suspect getting into a white Lexus parked outside after the stabbing.

The victim, who had just been stabbed multiple times, then runs to the car and pulls out a firearm before firing at what Chief of Detectives James Essig described as “point-blank range.”

Plainclothes officers happened to be crossing the street at the time of the stabbings and shootings

Three plainclothes officers happened to be crossing the street and drawing their guns when more than a dozen shots rang out.

The shooter/victim is then hit by the shots, causing him to fall to the ground.

Meanwhile, the stabbing suspect is seen jumping out of the Lexus and fleeing the scene while responding officers cease fire and repeatedly warn the wounded gunman, “Don’t move!”

‘ #NYC #Bronx Bodega Shooting ‘ > @nypost < sees a gunman fatally shot by #NYPD cops on Thursday after becoming involved in a "violent struggle" that spread to the street.▼https: //t.co/eEt4kfV6ib
.#NoPlaceIsSafe @MomsDemand pic.twitter.com/Sgx2rZVhYC

— Paul Millard (@hobodreamer) November 3, 2022

The man with stab and gunshot wounds can be heard screaming in pain as a large crowd of onlookers gather. The officers eventually approach him before kicking a black pistol out of his reach and then handcuffing him when he begs them not to.

The scene on the sidewalk quickly became tense, escalating with witnesses shouting and pounding furiously at parked cars while trying to confront the arrested gunman while officers tried to keep them at bay.

Young man shot and stabbed, pronounced dead at nearby hospital, stabbed suspect in custody

The 21-year-old man with the gunshot and stab wounds was taken to nearby Saint Barnabas Hospital, where he was eventually pronounced dead, according to police.

ATF’s Joint Firearms Task Force is on the scene with our partners from @NYPDnews in response to a shooting on East Gun Hill Road in the Bronx. For more information, please contact @NYPDnews pic.twitter.com/3MNcCimaTm

— ATF New York (@ATFNewYork) November 3, 2022

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old man who allegedly stabbed the 21-year-old at the bodega was later found at a barber shop in the area before being taken into custody. He was taken to a hospital and treated for a laceration to his head, the Post reports.

The plainclothes officers involved in the shooting — two of whom were detectives and the other a sergeant — are members of the Queens Violent Felony Squad and happened to be in the area investigating an unrelated issue, Essig said.

The man who was shot by police has yet to be identified by Friday. Meanwhile, no charges have been announced against the 29-year-old stabbing suspect, according to the Post.

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