Why Snooki Is “Involved” Over Co-Star Angelina Pivarnick’s Intercourse Life

“That was so freakin’ dramatic,” Snooki explained. “I was glad I let Angelina know that we didn’t do that intentionally, it backfired. We thought it was funny but clearly we’re not comedians. I’m glad everything died down so it wasn’t awkward and dramatic.” 

As for her big return to the series, Snooki kept it a secret from her co-stars. “I was shaking,” Snooki recalled. “I’ve done this show for like, 10 years, but I think I was so nervous because I wanted them to freak out.”  

Ultimately her decision to reunite with her roommates stemmed from her desire to be there for them during their milestone moments. “I just felt like me not going back because I didn’t want to film was very selfish,” Snooki admitted. “I had to be there for them and also I feel like the fans would love for me to come back and reunite. It was kind of an easy decision but I definitely needed the break so I’m glad I did it.” 

Her time away from the reality TV cameras also put things into perspective for the mother of three: “The break was definitely needed for me,” Snooki reflected. “Mentally, it was just draining with all the drama and everything. I don’t do drama well…Also I wanted time to be with my kids and just not worry about filming.”

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