Why Really feel Good Purposely Ends After Two Seasons

We’re not feeling well after this TV update.

In exclusive chat with E! Co-host of News’ Daily Pop Lilliana Vazquez, Feel Good Star and Co-Creator Mae Martin made it clear that the second season of the Netflix dramedy will be the last. However, as Lilliana told Mae, the show has become “so popular” and a “global phenomenon.” So why end the series now?

“My co-author Joe Hampson is very principled – I think it’s also a very British thing to do short shows and then go away, “Mae explained.” The British office has two seasons I think so it’s pretty strict. “

And Mae? The Canadian born comedian was open to “liking weird Christmas specials and movies”. Even so, Mae ultimately agreed to her writing partner. They added, “It’s really nice to just leave it as it is and walk away.”

Not what we wanted to hear, but we take it.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Feel Good follows the modern day love story of George (Charlotte Ritchie) and Mae (played by Mae, of course) as they navigate sexual identity, gender identity, addiction, and more. It’s safe to say that if you loved shows like Fleabag or This Way Up you will feel good quickly. We know we did!

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