Why Kate Wallis continues to be a sufferer of the merciless summer season

Kate Wallis is a victim.

In the June 8 episode of Cruel Summer, viewers learned the unexpected origins behind the beloved girl’s kidnapping. As fans of the show well know, Kate (Olivia Holt) willingly went to Vice Principal Martin Harris’ (Blake Lee) House after an argument with her mother. What was even more surprising? In the latest episode, titled “A Secret of My Own,” it was revealed that Kate and Martin had a month-long affair before the former was locked in a basement.

However, before you judge the teen for running away and partaking in an inappropriate affair, see what the Cruel Summer stars had to say about this, for lack of a better word, relationship. In exclusive chat with E! News, Olivia, and Blake spoke about their characters’ involvement, highlighting the importance of grooming.

Despite Kate’s confidence and popularity, Olivia defended that her character was like any other teenager trying to find their place in the world. “So, I think having all of these elements and then meeting someone who she thinks really understands and she hears and believes in is something like what she sees,” she explained. “But on the other hand, it’s pure care. It’s pure manipulation.”

Per Olivia, she did a lot of research to properly portray a victim of manipulation and care.

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