Why John Stamos Fired Mary-Kate & Ashley With a Full Home

Full house alum John Stamos wasn’t always thrilled with the idea of ​​working with babies.

As the actor who played Uncle Jesse on the series recently revealed he is working with him Mary Kate Olsen And Ashley Olsen In the early days of her hit sitcom, she first laid out her challenges, considering the twins landed the role of Michelle Tanner when they were just six months old.

And as the 59-year-old noted, he didn’t hesitate to let her team know it wasn’t working out, confirming a rumor he had applied to oust her.

“I did it,” John said during the April 25 episode of The Good Guys podcast. “I didn’t try, I did.”

Regarding filming a particular scene, John explained that the then 11-month-old twins weren’t all that excited about one day being on set.

“She screamed – both of them,” he continued. “They wanted to be somewhere else than there and so did I. They were 11 months old and God bless them … but I couldn’t handle it.” And as the You actor noted, he followed up with a request for her show’s crew.

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