Why Jillian Michaels Desires You To Throw Out “Each F–king Fad Weight loss program”

The way she sees it, these programs are “designed to sell you a fad,” Michaels said. “It’s preying upon people’s vulnerability and it’s like, ‘Oh, no, no, no, I have the answer. This is the magic bullet.’ And the f–king answer is eat less food, move your body, get your sleep. And if we are then ready to take it a step further, make better food choices by utilizing common sense.”

Also, don’t forget to cut yourself some slack. 

“It doesn’t have to be perfect,” she said of healthy eating. “People feel like if it’s not perfect, then it’s just f–ked. It’s like, ‘I already broke dry January. So f–k it, I’m off the wagon.’ I’m like, no. If you get a flat tire, are you gonna get out of the car, slash the other three tires and stick an M-80 in the window? No, you fix the tire, you get back on the road. Progress is key here.”

Ready to start your journey? Michaels has the straightforward, no B.S. advice that allows you to feel good and eat some cake, too. 

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