Whoopi Goldberg kills on the duvet of ‘Selection’ whereas considering being an EGOT winner celebrating the 30th anniversary of her Oscar win

Roommate, Whoopi Goldberg is a legend in every sense of the word whose career spans decades – and she recently took a trip back in time to look back on her historic accomplishments. Whoopi Goldberg covered the latest issue of ‘Variety’ magazine, thinking about being the only black EGOT winner and celebrating her 30th Oscar win in 1991.

In March 1991, Whoopi Goldberg made history as the first black woman to win an Oscar for her role as Oda Mae Brown in the blockbuster film “Ghost” in 50 years. It was her second nomination, having been nominated for Best Actress six years earlier for her portrayal of Celie in The Color Purple, but lost. In the latest issue of Variety, Whoopi looked back on that historic night and shared some of her feelings from the turning point of her career.

“I didn’t mean to hex it. I just thought, ‘You have to go in with no expectations and whatever happens happens,’ she said of her victory. She also revealed why her mother wasn’t there for her big night. “My mother didn’t want to come because she felt like she was coming to the first and didn’t want me to see her disappointed or upset. And then I won and it was like, ‘Of course the day you don’t come.’ “

Whoopi also took time out to discuss her monumental feat as the only black woman to become an EGOT winner, which means that she has won all the major entertainment industry awards – Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. She revealed that her guest appearance on a 2009 episode of “30 Rock” was the first time the title became known to her.

Whatever awaits Whoopi next, she plays in the recently announced “Sister Act 3” coming to Disney Plus and produced by her and Tyler Perry. She produces “The Emmett Till Story” and is preparing to play as Guinan on “Star Trek: Picard.”

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