When Zach Gilford discovered about his spouse’s prison position

Criminal Minds: Evolution is a family affair for Zach Gilford.

The Friday Night Lights alum is joined by his wife Kiele Sanchez in Paramount+’s reboot of Criminal Minds, which returned November 24 with two new episodes. And while this may be new to fans of the couple, Gilford revealed to E! News that he, too, was surprised with the casting during production.

“I was actually on my way to work,” he told E! News. “I literally kissed my wife goodbye and she looked at her phone and said, ‘Oh, I just got an offer to play your wife on Criminal Minds.'”

For the new episode of Criminal Minds, Gilford will play Elias Voit, “an operations analyst for a global cybersecurity firm who has a dark side and an obsession with death,” as the streamer describes it. And in the final moments of the second episode, it was revealed that the Glades actress will play Elias’ unsuspecting wife.

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