We’re completely loopy about these secrets and techniques about clueless

A full quarter of a century ago, a total Betty strolled into our lives bringing a whole new slang, the dreamiest closet we never knew we needed, and a growing up story that comes with every new generation that discovers her , continues to find resonance.

Likewise, Paul Rudd. So much for Paul Rudd.

In all honesty, it is difficult to sum it all up completely Amy HeckerlingClueless gave us. There’s the ’90s teen jargon (totally annoying, Monet), the dialogue that still excites (“And my buns, they don’t feel like steel”), the certified platinum soundtrack (“Rollin’ With “) My Homies”!), The fashion that inspired hordes of Gen Xers to move away from grunge and above all a feminist icon that showed that you could be flawed and a little vapid and still strong AF.

And it all started with a simple request. Heckerling, writer and director Heckerling, was asked by Fox’s TV division for an idea when she left the Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Look Who’s Talking. They said, “We want you to do something about it young people. About the cool kids in high school because all the people who give us ideas for high school always tell them about the nerds. ‘”

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