Wendy Williams shoots again at Mike Esterman and talks in regards to the current finish of their relationship – “We had been by no means boyfriends and girlfriends, we had been by no means a factor”

Wendy Williams

Roommates following news that Wendy Williams and Mike Esterman have decided to end things after just a month of dating – Wendy claps back on Mike’s description of why things didn’t work out. On the final episode of her popular daytime talk show, Wendy Williams didn’t hold back when she turned up Mike Esterman’s claims about why they broke up.

During the “Hot Topics” segment of her show, this is what Wendy said:

“The headline is that Mike and I broke up. Well, I didn’t know Mike and I were together. Mike is in Maryland. Mike works a job, he’s a contractor / social influencer or whatever he’s up to. Whatever he does. Mike, he’s a nice guy, but we’re too far apart geographically. I thought that maybe something could happen because we are grown people. “

She went on to add, “I didn’t say anything because I’m so grown up. We would have had this discussion far behind the scenes. I’m not embarrassed because I’m so grown up. But since childish, Mike – well no, he gives quotes! “I want Wendy to have someone when she’s ready.” OK? I am just as available now as I was then. We were never boyfriend and girlfriend so it wasn’t a thing. “

As we previously reported, Mike Esterman explained their breakup and confirmed that they are “drifting apart”. He also said that Wendy Williams “deserves to be with someone who may have more time. I’d put all work-related tasks aside to get to know on a personal level, with no nooks and crannies or hidden plans. I can only wish her the best as we both continue searching at our own pace while remaining friends. “

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