Wanya Morris of Boyz II Shades Kandi Burruss for saying they had been terrible to work with: ‘She simply reunited with Xscape’ (video)

The tea may be vintage, but it’s definitely hot! Following a recent interview Kandi Burruss had with Eddie Levert Sr., in which the notable songwriter mentioned that Boyz II Men was one of the most difficult acts to edit, the group’s executive, Wanya Morris, shoots back, casting massive shadows !

During Kandi’s life with Eddie, Kandi admitted that she had had a bad experience with Boyz II Men in the studio and that the music wasn’t the problem.

“We fell out after that,” Kandi said after Eddie asked if it was her attitude. “I don’t think I’ve ever been so disregarded in the studio before in my life. It was really crazy. But um, you know at the end of the day, you know, that was a long time ago … yeah, we left that behind. “

For the most part, Kandi seemed honest, but thought it was cute.

Meanwhile, Wanya was on Instagram Live when he found out about Kandi’s interview and didn’t seem too happy that he was the subject of their conversation.

He decided to break down the story Kandi was referring to and said their beef came from a song they worked on together in the 90s.

According to Wanya, there was a problem with credit and payment.

“We smelled a bit,” admitted Wanya. “That’s not how we work. From then on it became more difficult to work with her. “

Then Wanya went on with the shadow, and Chile, he threw a whole tree.

“I didn’t know we worked the worst together, but I mean, after TLC and Boyz II Men and a few other people, she hasn’t worked since then, has she? Like music wise? She just met with Xscape. “

You can see everything below:

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