Walmart removes knockoff Yeezy Foam Runners after Kanye West lawsuit

Kanye West

# Roommate, it wasn’t long before Walmart got word that Kanye West wasn’t messing around with its recent lawsuit. Following previous news that Kanye filed a formal lawsuit against the popular retailer for selling counterfeit Yeezy Foam Runners, Walmart has officially removed the imitations from its website.

@TMZ_TV reports that Walmart was apparently unwilling to stand up against Kanye West in court for selling counterfeit versions of its hugely popular Yeezy Foam Runner shoes – as the company decided to permanently remove all imitations from its website.

However, you will recall that Walmart originally claimed that the imitations were from a third party and that the company itself wasn’t behind making the shoes, but Yeezy still didn’t have it. The Walmart knockoffs sold for $ 25 while the real ones designed by Kanye are currently retailing for $ 75.

As we reported earlier, legal documents were recently filed showing that Kanye sued Walmart for selling the shoes after ignoring its original request to the company to remove them from the website. The documents also state that Walmart’s sales of the imitations cost the Yeezy brand hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Walmart has also been accused of trying to use Kanye’s name and popularity to make a profit on the shoes.

According to reports, Kanye and his legal team may be investigating legal action against other companies and websites that sell counterfeit versions of his shoes and other Yeezy merchandise.

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