Walka Sauce Will get $ 250,000 Diamond Implanted On Face (Video)

Could this be the new wave? Houston rappers Sauce Walka is changing the way rappers rock their ice cream.

Sauce Walka took to Instagram Friday night to show off the quarter-million dollar diamond he had just implanted in his face.

Surrounded by his crew, a shirtless Sauce Walka jumped up from a table to explain that the bled piece under his eye was his “last tear” before going off for his skin piercing.

“I just put all of my tears and all of my years and all of my pain and fear in my muthaf damn eye for the last time and I will never cry again,” yelled Sauce. “… I just threw a quarter of a million dollars in my muthaf damn face! It’s over! The game is ready! Put the PlayStation 5 on the floor and kick that muthaf *** a, it’s over, Rover. I won with a flawless victory. “

The 18-carat rose gold teardrop-shaped diamond has a flawless value of 3.00 carats worth $ 250,000, according to Sauce Walka.

Sauce was so confident in his diamond picks that he invited his haters to discover imperfections and he will return them, along with paying a bag of finder fee.

“$ 250,000 n *** a .. find a cloud or an enclosure, I’ll give you ($ 20,000) n *** a !!! I’m THE #DRIPGOD NIGGA … IM THE #RICHEST #TSFBidnezzzzz #Splattttt @lambojewels, “he wrote in the headline of a close-up video he shared about the diamond.

He went to the famous Houston jeweler Johnny Dang to get the diamond at Houston’s infamous Sharpstown mall. Walka sauce called itself a trendsetter for the expensive move, but only time will tell if other people will follow suit.

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