Vitality Switch is an excellent inventory

Nvidia Corp: “Nvidia is a great company, but it sells at a very high price-to-earnings ratio. … We withdrew a little [for the Charitable Trust].”

Blackstone Minerals Ltd: “I don’t know Blackstone Minerals. I’ll have to work on this situation some more.”

EVgo Inc: “Our biggest fear is again losing money and it no longer meets our criteria for what we recommend.”

Energy transfer LP: “ET is actually a very good stock. … Times are changing and it’s just gotten better and better.”

Medical Properties Trust Inc: “I don’t like this, this particular part of real estate investment trusts. I think they’re too profitable, so I’m worried they won’t be able to make the distribution.”

Axelis Technologies Inc: “Some of these companies in this business are doing amazingly well. And you have to give them that.”

Disclaimer: Cramer’s Charitable Trust owns shares of Nvidia.

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