[VIDEO] Chrisean Rock publicizes being pregnant however Blueface says he wants a DNA take a look at

While Blueface celebrated his birthday on Friday, Chrisean Rock announced that she is expecting a baby.

Posting behind-the-scenes footage of her IG story and three pregnancy tests, Chrisean expressed her excitement for her unborn child. In one of the videos, the rapper-turned-reality star can be seen crying and talking about her bundle of joy.

“I’m so overwhelmed right now because I’m choosing to keep it,” referring to her past abortions, which she’s been open about.

Chrisean said she wanted “twins or triplets because I’ve killed so many”.

Blueface responds to pregnancy announcement

Shortly after their announcement, Blueface took to Twitter and stated that he wasn’t sure if he was the father of their unborn child.

Rock has had encounters with 10 different men in the past year.

He added:

Until I see a DNA test, it’s not mine.

Blueface also explained that his relationship with Chrisean is over, adding that it’s a blessing to be his “BM,” Baby Mama.

Chrisean Rock gets agitated as he responds to Blueface’s claims

The 22-year-old released a few scathing tweets of her own, saying she doesn’t need the dad-of-two. The mother-to-be also confirmed that the two are no longer together.

We broke up before we knew I was pregnant. I still don’t do anything sexual with any guy. I’d be a fool if I didn’t know for sure.

promise you. I don’t need a penny from you. Then when we do a DNA test and it’s yours, just know that I’m going to tell my kids you died so you don’t have an excuse to be in the kid life. This is my baby and that’s that

Roomies, what are your thoughts on this situation?

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