Variety of Democrats who imagine Biden might win in 2024 is rising

After the Democrats performed better than expected over the medium term, 75% of Democrats now believe President Biden could win re-election.

According to the latest USA Today poll:

The number of Democratic voters who believe Biden could win the 2024 White House race has risen to 71%, up double digits from the 60% who thought so in an August poll.

Now 75% of Republicans say Trump could win the next election, still slightly higher than Biden among their supporters. But that’s 7 percentage points less than the 82% of Republicans who held that view of the former president before the midterms.


A 54 percent majority of Republicans say Trump should be the party’s third-term presidential nominee; 46% say it’s time for a change. While that puts him 8 points in positive territory, the margin of 59% to 41% is less than half the 18-point lead he had in August.

President Biden appears to have successfully argued to Democrats that his message and policies are a winner. On the Republican side, Trump’s failure to provide the red wave for the GOP appears to have accelerated growing uneasiness and desire for change in his party.

If inflation falls and the economy is in good shape, Biden will have tailwinds in his re-election campaign.

On the Republican side, the question remains, are Republican primary voters getting restless enough to dump Trump, or does he have enough leverage over part of the Republican primary base to win the nomination again?

Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, but President Biden won the midterm election.

Biden’s support is growing within the Democratic Party while Trump appears to be in retreat.

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