Vanessa Bryant wins lawsuit ruling that the identities of MPs who shared Kobe Bryant’s crash picture will probably be revealed

Vanessa Bryant

Roommate, it’s been over a year since the legendary Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi tragically died in a helicopter crash – now those responsible for sharing the photos from the crash site are exposed thanks to Vanessa Bryant. A judge recently ruled in favor of Vanessa Bryant’s lawsuit that the identities of the MPs who shared the horrific images of the crash will be disclosed to the public.

U.S. District Judge John F. Walter formally opposed efforts by Los Angeles County attorneys to protect from the public all names of MPs responsible for disclosing the photo of the Kobe Bryant crash site. Now that the verdict is official, Vanessa Bryant can add the MPs’ names along with details from the internal affairs investigation into their conduct to an amended complaint in her civil rights lawsuit against LA County and the leadership of the local sheriff’s department by Alex Villanueva.

Meanwhile, MPs lawyers argued that if their names and personal information were released, their clients would be the target of online hackers and public scrutiny – the judge disagreed with their claims and instead sided with Vanessa.

Judge Walter wrote: “Sheriff Villanueva’s promise that [internal affairs bureau] The post-investigation report undermines defendants’ alleged concerns about the disclosure of the limited extracts at issue here. “

He went on to add that “there is a strong presumption of access as a starting point” and the county did not provide compelling reasons for doing so.

LA County’s attorneys have four days to appeal the judge’s decision.

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