Vanessa Bryant to Donate Proceeds From $16M Lawsuit Win to Charity

Vanessa plans to donate from her proceeds to the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation as a way to “to shine a light on Kobe and Gigi’s legacy,” he attorney told the Los Angeles Times in a statement, without specifying the exact amount of money the group would receive.

Vanessa, also a mom to daughters Natalia Bryant19, Bianka5, and capri, 3, had been tested during the 11-day trial. After the verdict was read, she wept in court and later exchanged a hug with Chris. She later shared an Instagram photo of herself with Kobe and Gianna, writing, “All for you! I love you! JUSTICE for Kobe and Gigi!”

Also following the verdict, LA County attorney Mira Hashmall said in a statement, “We are grateful for the jury’s hard work in this case. While we disagree with the jury’s findings as to the County’s liability, we believe the monetary award shows that jurors didn’t believe the evidence supported the Plaintiffs’ request of $75 million for emotional distress.”

The statement said they will discuss next steps with their client, adding, “Meanwhile, we hope the Bryant and Chester families continue to heal from their tragic loss.”

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