Val Demings is operating for the Senate to defeat Marco Rubio

MP Val Demings will run for the Florida Senate to defeat Senator Marco Rubio and give the seat back to the people.

Politico reported:

Florida MP Val Demings plans to run for the U.S. Senate rather than governor to provide the Democrats with a notable candidate for Republican Senator Marco Rubio next year.

Demings pondered which nationwide office to hold for months, but decided that she could do the best she could by taking the senator for two terms, according to several Democrats familiar with her thinking.

Demings has been telegraphing for months that she would run for either Senator or Governor, and frankly, Marco Rubio is long overdue for a serious Senate challenger.

According to those who live there, Rubio is the textbook definition of a senator who forgot about the people at home. Rubio is rarely seen in Florida. He is a creature from DC who is still determined to one day become president.

A Rubio 2024 run, especially if Trump faces criminal charges, would come as no surprise.

Demings is the opposite of Rubio. She was a House impeachment manager who has a heavy state presence and has historically put Florida first. It also has a national profile among Democrats and will be a highly effective fundraiser.

Marco Rubio could lose as things get real for him in 2022.

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