Unique: Queen Naija steps into the shadow room to speak about her ex, family cleansing preferences, and extra! (Video)

Queen Naija

Roommate, Queen Naija is known for sharing her personal life with her fans – and she decided to keep that energy with us during our final installment in our Keep It 100 series. While Queen Naija enjoyed a little shopping therapy, she kept her updated on a variety of hot topics, including her relationship with her ex, Chris Sails and more.

Queen Naija and Chris Sails haven’t had the smoothest transition to parenting, so we had to ask her how she feels about it when he comments on practically everything she does on social media. She says she’s mostly undisturbed, but it seems like she’ll let him know when he crosses the line.

Queen was a little more carefree when we asked her how and what she likes about her housekeeping. She let us know that when she was washing clothes or dishes, she was more than ready to blow up foam – but only by hand.

“I always hand wash them and always add bleach to my water. I might make some little caps of bleach and like the regular dish soap and stuff. I just grew up in a household where my mom said, “Just use bleach in the water.”

She also gave us tea about her upcoming deluxe album, which will hopefully include a collaboration with fellow artist Ari Lennox – which makes the ladies compete against each other.

You can watch the full episode of ‘Keep It 100’ starring Queen Naija on our official YouTube channel!

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