(Unique Particulars) Choose guidelines that forensic specialists can testify on behalf of Hurricane Chris to help self-defense declare

Hurricane Chris and his attorney Alex Washington

On Wednesday, Hurricane Chris made a major breakthrough just before his trial. In an exclusive statement to The Shade Room, Hurricane Chris’ attorney gave details of what happened at his court hearing on Wednesday.

Alex Washington exclusively told The Shade Room that a judge ruled that experts in forensic analysis could testify on the rapper’s behalf and support his claims of self-defense in the fatal shooting of a Louisiana native in June 2020, which is something for the rapper to do claimed when questioned by police.

Hurricane Chris’ actions were in self-defense and justified. Today the court ruled that our forensic analysis expert may testify in court.

His statement continued:

He will allow the second expert to testify once we have submitted a written report to the state. Both experts will help prove that Hurricane Chris’ actions were reasonable and justified. February 1st will sort out all the little issues.

Fatal shootout involving Hurricane Chris

If you remember, it was a man from Louisiana shot and killed early in the morning in Shreveport. The shooting reportedly happened around 1 a.m. at a Texaco gas station on the 2600 block of Hollywood Avenue.

The 33-year-old rapper told authorities he shot the deceased in self-defense after fighting for his car. Officials dismissed his claims after security footage was obtained from the gas station and showed otherwise.

As previously reported, the court date for Hurricane Chris is February 13, 2023. He is currently on bail.

Roomies, we’ll keep you posted.

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