Tyrese denies locking out his estranged spouse, saying $ 20KA month is an excessive amount of baby assist

As many of you know, Tyrese and his wife Samantha Gibson announced last week that they were getting a divorce after three years of marriage. However, it looks like papers were filed a few months before their official announcement.

According to TMZ, Samantha filed for divorce back in September. In the petition, she claims Tyrese cut her financially a few weeks earlier and locked her and her 2-year-old daughter out of their Georgia home.

However, in the documents submitted by Tyrese, he denies these claims. However, he reportedly admitted having a problem with Samantha asking for $ 20,000 in child support for a month, calling it “unreasonably high.”

When it came to the reason for their split, Tyrese recalled returning home from a movie in August and being confronted by Samantha, resulting in a tense conversation in which she allegedly threatened to phone authorities.

Tyrese also recalled leaving home in an Uber because he did not want to meet the police because of “the multiple public incidents of police brutality and racially motivated killings of unarmed African American people”.

As we previously reported, both Samantha and Tyrese posted a statement regarding their divorce, and Tyrese later stepped into The Shade Room’s comments section saying, “Black families and marriages are under attack. I wrestled with this question. How can we naturally know how to be something that we never raised? Most of us grew up in broken houses and have NO examples of what it means to be a husband, wife or FATHER … “

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