Tyrese Blames Melancholy Medication for Will Smith’s $5M Faux Story

Tires addresses an incident from 2017 regarding a now-deleted Instagram post that he ranted about Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, and a $5 million loan. The actor now admits that the moment is related to a reaction to strong anti-depressant medication.

Tyrese previously revealed the Smiths gave him $5 million to stay off the internet

Back in November 2017, Tyrese took to Instagram to upload a photo of him and Will with a lengthy caption.

He began by announcing that the Smiths had given him $5 million to “keep.” [the family] nice.”

“My wife didn’t give me the news because I was dealing with lawyers all day, but our family and our sister Jada Pinkett Smith and my brother Will Smith just sent us $5 million to keep us afloat.”

Tyrese then went on to say that Will and Jada also urged him to use the incentive to “get off and stay off the internet.”

“You guys asked me to get off and stay off the internet now that my daughters legal fees are being paid!”

He concluded by noting, “The Smiths and all their family always showed up for the Gibsons.”

So let me get this straight… Will and Jada gave Tyrese 5 mill to stay away from IG and then went to IG to tell everyone they gave him 5 mill 🤦🏾‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/LpHFJjzzK6

— Jay (@JayUncut) November 5, 2017

However, TMZ was quick to dismiss Tyrese’s claim, noting that a source close to the Smiths admitted they were allegedly worried the Baby Boy actor was having a “mental breakdown.”

Now Tyrese speaks out and addresses what sparked his enigmatic upload, and he says it has to do with a popular antidepressant.

The actor says he had ‘the worst side effects ever’

During a recent appearance on the Sway’s Universe podcast, Tyrese spoke of how a negative reaction to Rexulti was at the root of the situation.

He broke down as the meds left him with “the worst side effects ever” because he doesn’t drink or use recreational drugs.

“For someone who doesn’t use drugs, if you put something like result in my system, it’s going to have the worst side effects ever.”

He then referenced Will Smith’s situation, as well as a few other antics, before noting that he was actually “out of the game.” [his] spirit” during this time.

At this point we should add that the side effects listed for the drug suggest that people may experience “strong unusual urges” including – but not limited to – compulsive gambling, sexual desire and binge eating.

What do you think of Tyrese’s disclosure, and have you heard similar stories from people who have had negative side effects from antidepressants?

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