Twitter reacts to meek grinder about Kobe Bryant in a brand new track

Meek Mill faces copyright infringement charges for allegedly stealing two songs from his 2018 year

Meek Mill is back on Twitter as a topic of discussion after a preview of the song “Kobe” starring Lil Baby surfaced. In the song, Meek referred to Kobe’s death and said, “And if I ever miss it I’ll go out with my Choppa, it will be another Kobe.” The next voice you hear a moment later is Lil Baby’s saying, “I almost want to have a son so I can call him Kobe.” Fans didn’t seem to have a problem with Baby’s line, but they were vocal about Meek’s disrespectful reference to Kobe’s death.

One commented, “Meek Mill really said,” I’m going to go out with my choppa, it’s going to be another Kobe. “He really decided to stay in the studio and say that line so that no one from his crew told him that was wrong?” Another commented, “Are we mad at Meek for the Kobe line or close? I think it was hella disgusting, but I hurt worse. Lil Yachty and the Columbine line were kind of bad too, but it’s music. “

This isn’t the first time Meek has released or released a controversial song. It was only last week after his interaction with Tekashi 69 that Meek dropped a song talking about sniffing and flexing on social media. Lots of people had a lot to say about Meek, including Wack 100. He did a few posts on Instagram and even went live regarding the situation. He exclaimed Meek for not fighting Tekashi and brought up the 2017 incident with Meek’s entourage who allegedly attacked Safaree. Throughout life, Wack says, “Anything you suck and cowards that make excuses, f ** k that. The rat is one. Microphones are zero. Rappers are zero. Everyone sees what happened. This is really s ** t. Anything you want, your texts, how to carry yourself, you pop when the ball is in your field but when it’s time it’s time to go. ”

So far, Meek Mill has not responded to the outrage.

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