Twitter confirms that Trump’s ban is everlasting even when he elects to run once more in 2024

#Roommates, Twitter officially doubles its decision on former President Donald Trump’s ban. In a recent announcement, Twitter confirmed that Trump’s ban on the popular social media platform is permanent – regardless of his future political plans.

@ CNN reports that Twitter continues to have a very firm stance when it comes to Donald Trump’s presence on its platform. The company’s CFO, Ned Segal, said that regardless of whether or not he runs for president again in 2024, Trump will never be allowed back on Twitter.

In a recent interview on CNBC, Segal explained the decision to make Trump’s ban permanent:

“The way our policies work, if you are removed from the platform, whether you are a commentator, CFO, or a past or current official, you will be removed from the platform. Remember, our guidelines are designed to ensure that people do not cause violence. If someone does, we must remove them from service, and our guidelines do not allow people to return. “

The new statement from Twitter comes as Trump is currently in the initial stages of his second impeachment when the trial of him began earlier this week. It should be noted that if Trump is convicted in his impeachment process, he will never be able to run for office again.

You will recall that Trump was initially banned from Twitter following his tweets allegedly sparking the riots in the U.S. Capitol that killed six when his followers stormed the building.

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