TV Stars Who Returned to the Hit Exhibits They Left

After Kim Cattrall‘s shocking cameo in the And Just Like That season two finale, we couldn’t help but wonder: What other major TV stars have returned to the shows that made them famous?

Given Cattrall’s infamous decision not to reprise her iconic Sex and the City character Samantha Jones for a third movie or the first season of its Max spinoff, fans weren’t expecting to see the 67-year-old back in the Big Apple. And yet, Samantha had a small but pivotal role in the Aug. 24 episode, despite not interacting with Sarah Jessica Parker or any of her other former co-stars. 

Samantha made her grand return via a phone conversation with Carrie, calling her old friend to let her know she wouldn’t be able to make her flight from London to New York City to attend “the Last Supper,” a.k.a. the final party Carrie was throwing in her apartment.

Despite not being able to attend the event, Samantha still wanted to pay her respects, asking Carrie to put her on speaker phone. “Thank you for everything,” Samantha said, “you f–king fabulous, fabulous flat.”

Hey, we’ll take what we can get.

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