TSR Unique: Jack Harlow apparently shot Saweetie throughout an interview with us on the purple carpet on the BET Awards – he later stated “That is A Pal Vibe”

Roommate, social media is still talking about the BET Awards – and a red carpet moment between Saweetie and Jack Harlow during a red carpet interview with The Shade Room is still a hot topic. When Saweetie came up to us and granted us an interview on the red carpet, she was interrupted by Jack Harlow, who quickly took her hand and appeared to be trying to get his picture … or so it looked.

After the viral photo of Saweetie and Jack Harlow that set social media on fire with the thought that the two could possibly be the new “It” couple on the block, the rumors about the two during an interview turned on the red Carpet even more intense when it officially appeared at the BET Awards 2021 on the red carpet in The Shade Room.

When Saweetie came over to give us a quick interview, she was surprised by Jack Harlow, who took her hand and introduced himself in a rather flirtatious manner. Their exchange went as follows:

“Hi, Saweetie,” said Jack. Saweetie then hesitantly replied and said, “I know” [who you are]”She said. Jack then added,” You don’t like being caught off guard? “Saweetie fired back with,” Why are you shivering? “

When we caught Jack alone a little later without Saweetie, he informed us that he hadn’t fired his shot and instead just introduced himself to her on a platonic level. “It’s a friendship mood,” he told us.

Well, Saweetie and Jack Harlow might not be the new couple in hip-hop – but that definitely won’t stop social media from talking about them.

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