Try Heidi Klum’s transition right into a sheer outfit after the Worm Halloween look

From creepy crawlies to sexy sparklers.

To Heidi Klum At her annual Halloween party in New York City on October 31st, the supermodel caused a stir with an absolutely gorgeous earthworm costume. Baring her arms and legs, Heidi donned a glamorous see-through bodysuit that was completed with strategically placed rhinestones.

However, she kept her textured prosthetic face on while rocking the shimmering ensemble, resulting in a harrowing juxtaposition.

Earlier that night, the America’s Got Talent judge, ahem, wobbled, walked down the red carpet as a larger-than-life worm, epidermis and all. Her husband Tom Kaulitz was there too, disguising himself as a fisherman whose eyeball was gouged out by a fishing hook.

Always going for the big buck, Heidi was fully committed to her slimy character, squirming hilariously on the floor while the Tokyo Hotel rocker stayed attached to her with his fishing rod.

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