Trump’s Tuesday Night time Newsmax interview was a score bomb and it may very well be the start of the top

Donald Trump is obsessed with TV ratings. This was pretty clear when he was the host of The Apprentice when he often exaggerated the size of the show’s audience.

Trump would also use ratings to target television journalists who criticized his presidency. Anyone not on board the MAGA movement was a failure with low ratings.

On Monday evening, Trump rewarded the Newsmax network for its support with a prime-time interview. It didn’t go down well and the spot was a rating bomb. In a column for the Washington Post, Philip Bump writes that the decline in Trump interest in his political power could mark the beginning of the end.

The columnist criticized the 45th President for repeating his complaints, noting: “Of course there is always an audience for that. There is still a large group of people eager to see what he has to say, people who would have encountered his Newsmax appearance with the same dizziness as Nelson Muntz, who stumbled upon an Andy Williams performance. “

Bump continues: “The former president still hopes he will be a powerful force in American politics and culture. In one of the mostly ignored press releases intended to replace his beloved tweets, Trump promised his supporters this week that “the best is yet to come!” We can all hope that it does, but it seems increasingly unlikely that Trump will be at the center of events if it does. “

You can read Bump’s column in its entirety here

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