Trump’s fascist cabal is concentrating on Liz Cheney for being an American patriot

It is high time to call up Republicans who are loyal to a mad fascist for their anti-American and un-American actions that no longer border on fascism because as a movement they have crossed that line.

Like or not Liz Cheney’s conservative beliefs, her allegiance to American democracy cannot be questioned.

For the record, this writer isn’t a fan of Ms. Cheney’s conservative politics, but she is likely the last conservative to devote herself to American democracy. That fact alone led the near-complete GOP to rid them of Trump’s fascist movement – what used to be the Republican Party.

It is certain that all Republicans in Congress and in the States know full well that Trump lost the 2020 elections, which Trump’s Department of Justice and National Security Authorities have confirmed were the safest in American history. A fact that many Republican governors and state secretaries agreed when they confirmed the results for President Joseph Biden’s victory.

However, because of their cowardice and fear of Trump and his delusional knowledge, Fascist Republicans work together to perpetrate what has come to be known as “the big lie.”

Of course, the BIG LIE is that the 2020 elections were fraudulent and Trump was stolen because Democrats, China, Black Lives Matter, Americans Against Fascism and probably Satan the Devil worked together to destroy America by becoming a fascist tyrant have refused a second term to end the fragility of America’s democracy.

Representative Liz Cheney is not one of the Republican Fascists who commit the big lie, and Republican Neo-Fascists attack her for accepting the well-documented reality and truth about Trump’s BIG LIE.

To this writer, it’s obvious that Ms. Cheney gets the story, and probably knows that the machinations and propaganda of the Trump Republicans are exactly what brought Nazi Adolf Hitler to power in 1930s Germany. It was Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels, who said: “If you repeat a lie enough times, it will become the truth.” Trump and the Republicans have repeated the BIG LIE often enough that it is true for millions of Trump’s ignorant base.

Although the majority of Americans don’t vote for the fascist Trump BIG LIE, that he won the 2020 election in a landslide, or that there was massive fraud and manipulation that robbed him of a second term, Trump’s hate-driven acolytes will never be believed “the safest in American history” or that President Joe Biden won. Not only does Liz Cheney know the BIG LIE is just that, she’s the only Republican to call the BIG LIE for what it really is – a big lie.

If anyone has any doubts about Ms. Cheney’s devotion to democracy and America, it was reported Thursday that “Rep. Liz Cheney secretly penned an extraordinary Washington Post, written by military leaders, just three days before the Capitol uprising. “

The “extraordinary” statement was in response to speaking among Trump fascists that the American military should be mobilized to “oversee” a new election that Trump declares the winner. The revelation that Ms. Cheney was the mastermind behind the op-ed almost certainly sealed her fate as a persona non grata in the fascist republican movement.

She has already been demonized by Trump’s fascist mediators in the GOP for not supporting the BIG LIE and actually calling it a bigger lie. However, the news that she was the culprit behind a “sharp warning from 10 defense ministers on both sides” in the Washington Post will meet Trump in full anger. And if Trump is unhappy, his fascist republican movement supporters will lead Ms. Cheney to pay dearly with her political life.

As many commentators have warned, Trump and his fascist republican acolytes are not only still undermining America as a democratic republic, but together they are setting the stage for a rebellion that will express his deadly Jan 6 coup socially like a church ice cream. For the sake of the dog, Republicans are still playing Trump’s uprising and assault on the United States Capitol when only a bunch of innocent Americans exercise their first adjustment right to peacefully gather to voice their grievances.

As noted by William Saletan, writing for Slate:

“Trump chooses a language that is particularly likely to spark rebellion and destabilize the government. A month after leaving office, he told the Conservative Political Action Conference that President Joe Biden was never actually elected.” Three weeks later he declared: “We had an illegitimate choice.” On April 12, he wrote that the US government was in the grip of an “unconstitutionally elected group of radical left-wing Democrats who are destroying our country.”

Republicans know this is an integral part of the BIG LIE, and they are fully aware that Trump’s insurgent supporters are looking for drastic military measures to bring their demigod back to power. However, only one Republican, the representative Liz Cheney, who is as truly dyed in wool as in America, stands for the truth and against Trump’s fascist BIG LIE.

Unfortunately, Trump’s fascist mediators in the GOP will make her pay with her political life to be an American patriot.

Audio engineer and instructor for SAE. Posted a comment that supports the secular humanist cause and exposes the oppression of women, poor and minorities. An advocate of religious freedom and especially freedom without religion.

Born in the South, raised in the Midwest and California for a comprehensive overview of America. it does not look good

Former minister, lifelong musician, Mahayana Zen Buddhist.

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