Trump won’t institute a protection course of within the E. Jean Carroll rape trial

Trump’s attorneys announced they would not file a defense in E. Jean Carroll’s civil rape trial, and Carroll’s attorneys expect her case to be settled by Thursday.

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Donald Trump’s attorneys said Wednesday they will not subpoena witnesses in the New York civil trial over writer E. Jean Carroll’s claims that the former president raped her in the mid-1990s.

Trump attorney Joseph Tacopina said they decided not to start a defense trial after learning that health issues prevented their expert witness, a psychiatrist, from testifying. Tacopina previously announced that Trump would not testify at the trial in federal court in Manhattan.

I’m not an attorney, but it appears that Trump’s attorneys are signaling that they don’t believe Carroll’s attorneys effectively represented her case.

The verdict will determine whether or not they were proven correct, but not defending oneself seems risky, especially since Carroll and other witnesses who claim Trump was assaulted have testified for days.

The trial of E. Jean Carroll could do major damage to Trump if he is blamed for the rape of Carroll. The burden of proof is lighter in civil courts, but Trump would have an additional title to carry on the 2024 campaign trail to complement the accused crime of insurgent. Trump could also be labeled a rapist if Carroll wins her case.

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