Trump referred to as for the execution of whoever leaked the story of his keep within the White Home bunker

According to the new book by Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender, “Honestly, We Won This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost,” former President Donald Trump called for whoever was to be executed leaked information about his stay in the White House bunker during the protests in June last year. At the time, Trump claimed the person had betrayed his administration and was apparently “obsessed” with finding the source.

“Trump was boiling over the bunker story as soon as they got there, yelling at them to fumigate whoever leaked it. It was the excitement some aides had ever seen the president, ”writes Bender. “‘Whoever did this should be charged with treason!” Trump screamed. ‘You should be executed!’ “

Bender also notes that tWhite House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows “repeatedly tried to reassure the President as frightened helpers avoided eye contact” and even went so far as to tell Trump, “I’ll be there.” We’ll find out who did it. “

In addition, White House staff “They said they heard the president say the warning interpreted the outbreak as a sign of a president in panic.”

In June 2020, news outlets reported that Trump spent a short time in the White House’s underground bunker when protests broke out for the killing following the murder of George Floyd, a black man killed by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

“The president was there a little less than an hour before he was taken upstairs,” CNN reported at the time.

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