“Trump now has extra energetic circumstances in NY than COVID”

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel described the number of ongoing lawsuits against the former president as “Trump now has more lawsuits against him than COVID.”


Kimmel said: “Donald Trump is in You won’t believe he was in court today. He’s on trial in New York to be removed in one of the 70 or 80 cases against him. Before testifying, his little thumb made a trip to Truth Social to address Letitia James, the New York Attorney General, who had accused him of fraud. He wrote I will be driving downtown to meet up with a racist who leaked I would be there at 9.30pm. Trump is upset because they usually do it at home in Mar-a-Lago when he meets racists, but um, this case is one of many Trump has faced. Trump now has more active cases in New York than COVID.”

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There is some truth to Kimmel’s joke as there have been new developments in E. Jean Carroll’s defamation lawsuit against Trump, the former president was removed from office by the New York Attorney General in a fraud lawsuit, and there have been new reports of Trump’s fundraising after the 2020 election being conducted by Special Counsel Jack Smith is being investigated, along with new information in the investigation of classified criminal information.

Unlike previous Trump-dominated news cycles, this one is not driven by Trump’s erratic behavior and drama. What is happening is that decades of potentially criminal activity have boiled over into an unprecedented legal hurricane never faced by a former president in US history. The former president could also face indictments in Georgia in the next few months for violating the state’s election laws.

Trump’s legal troubles are bad, and they could soon get worse.

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